Who we are?

I, Attorney Burcu Mutlugil, first learned my profession from; my mentor, Attorney Teoman Kaya Mutlugil, a delightful intellectual and gentleman of Istanbul who first graduated from Private Saint Joseph French High School followed by Istanbul University Faculty of Law.

I am a Daughter of the Turkish Republic who received education in Bahariye Primary School, Private Anakent High School, Istanbul University Faculty of Law and London Prior Park.

I run a law office that can; provide services for you not only in Turkey but in over 100 countries with the international networks we are a part of; that complies by European Norms while not disregarding its own national identity and morale, proud of its traditions and culture.

In Turkey; I have been running consultancy and litigation services for international commercial companies such as Brunswick, Unicredit, Germanisher Lloyd. A portion of my clients who I provide with consultancy services both personally and commercially consist of my nation’s proud artists part of whose songs I know you like a lot, music production companies with large influence in music industry, publishers and valuable writers.

Since 2002 I’ve been providing expertise to British and Royal Courts regarding Turkish Law, applications and regulations under the title of an expert.

Learning everything on the factory floor, I think, makes me believe I do a joyful and lucky job.

Law is a nice and tedious art. I would like you to know that, as much as you’d like to work with a good attorney, we would like to work with a good client.

If we believe in your goals and you, we would like to be with you in the long run to be a part of your success.