Law of Contracts

All companies and entities might have to deal with important contracts at some point in their lives. One common mistake we have in our country is our tradition of running a business based on verbal trust.

Thus; we commonly experience victimization caused by contracts signed before being read.

The first contract imposed upon you might not be your only choice.

Before the signing phase of a contract, we manage the contract phase with legal support during contract exchange.

First we learn about your area of operation, your goals, strong and weak points and sectoral problems in order to determine a joint strategy.

Considering how all companies undergo downsizing in today’s economical conditions; the need to let your attorney act like a company CEO or executive manager and letting them spare more time for you becomes more and more needed.

We can manage the whole phase of contract exchange, can perform legal risk analysis on the contract and provide support for preparing the most advantageous contract possible.