Cooperation with Non-Governmental Organizations

Since 1996, we have been cooperating with numerous non-governmental organizations. I appreciate the cooperation of civil initiatives, the efforts put into expressing drawbacks and the endeavour to treat problems.

We performed seminars on constitutional regimes and democratization in Public Education Centers.

I was hosted in organization as a speaker numerous times, to speak about our nations most well-regarded poets and philosophers.

Lovely activities we performed in the Institution of Children Protection and nursing homes put smiles into the faces of so many faces, both young and old.

If you believe we can be a part of the puzzle in your project, have a conversation on portrait hunting ranging from the first lawyer Süreyya Ağaoğlundan to Latife Hanım, Atilla İlhan to Cemal Sürayya to Tomris Uyar, or make presentations to a society or inform a target mass about a legal issue, talk about women’s and human rights, you can always contact us.